About Us

The Visionary Health Story

Visionary Health was founded in 2008 by a group of experienced individuals who came from various consulting and employer backgrounds’. The core philosophy is to promote and support healthy living for our clients and their family members. We offer design and delivery services that bring together resources into a comprehensive program that provides optimal opportunity for better health and lower costs using best practices.

Visionary Health has a specialty in analyzing group health and wellness programs for both self funded and insured organizations. From this analysis we offer solutions based upon the unique needs of employers and plan administrators. We offer comprehensive consulting and self directed alternatives that are cost effective. We are not brokers; rather we bring added value to your company by helping to get the best outcome for your investment in benefits.

Our associates join Visionary Health from major consulting firms like Towers/Watson; Buck Consulting; Managed Care firms; and from large employers. This team came together to bring consulting expertise in health management programs to employers and to give employees the tools and resources to manage their health.

How Do We Create Value for You

Our core belief is that employee behavior change is the best way to maintain a strong benefits program. Our specialty is in consulting on proven employee health management and wellness programs to positively impact your bottom line. We assess your current benefits environment by analyzing your data; we identify appropriate wellness options; we demonstrate the potential cost savings opportunities and recommend alternatives to maximize your investment; and we offer options to augment or replace benefits components not delivering the expected outcomes. All of this is done within your current structure, finding the best approach to your unique situation, with the right solutions built with your environment at the forefront of our work. We offer this at a cost that is significantly lower than the major consulting firms.