Kathy Myers

Kathy Myers has more than twenty years experience working directly in managed care and group heath. Kathy has worked with a variety of corporations and Taft-Hartley’s in the successful development and implementation of benefit plan components which place an emphasis on patient advocacy and wellness as the catalyst for subsequent savings. Her achievements include:

  • The design and implementation of patient education programs resulting in improved outcomes;
  • The development of formal policies and procedures for many applications;
  • The completion of certification and licensure submissions required by state insurance agencies;
  • The design and launch of member communication campaigns that resulted in positive reception of plan design changes and increased consumerism.

Prior to beginning with Visionary Health Solutions, Kathy was responsible for the oversight of National Accounts for a private medical management organization and during her tenure there, functioned in many roles. She spent several years as the Baltimore Council Volunteer Consultant for the March of Dimes and, in this capacity, was responsible for the development of a Nursing Council that included RN’s from each of the metropolitan health systems who were trained to provide community outreach services for the purpose of promoting quality prenatal health practices.
Early in her career, Kathy worked in a role where her primary duties included serving as the designated insurance advocate and liaison to a trade union consisting of several hundred members. This work required her to provide interpretation of local trade Agreements for use by contracting payroll personnel and to take part as an active and impartial member in grievance processes and contract negotiations.
As a Senior Consultant for Visionary Health Solutions, Kathy takes part in a variety of projects ranging from recommendations for I.T. and reporting, to plan design, health promotion and communications. She is well experienced in identifying solutions to complex plan design issues and works cooperatively with diverse personalities to facilitate results.