Assessment of Benefits

  • Assessment of the Health Benefits Program

    • Benefits Program Structure and Design
      • We review your current benefit program, critiquing the current level of Health Management and the program offerings that are currently in place and offer opportunities for improving quality and reducing costs
    • Data Analysis for Avoidable Claims opportunities
      • We take your actual claims dollars and project the savings your plan can achieve for various diseases and conditions in your population. Thus you will be able to evaluate the potential savings vs. costs for various Health Management initiatives.
    • Recommendations based on best practices
      • We will provide an analysis of how your program compares to Best Practices in Health Management and quantify the savings that could be achieved through these initiatives
    • Maximization of programs including Cost Reduction Strategies
      • Through the comparison of your program to best practices we will be able to identify Cost Reduction Strategies that best meet your philosophical and cultural environments.